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(Joyfully Empowering Women; Enlightening Ladies)

My desire is to impart into women who are hurting, wounded or struggling with identity; to love and nurture them to their place of Destiny where God has called them. In addition, my charge is to awaken the woman to who she is in God.  To see her creative intent and have the courage to live it out in faith, freedom and fruitfulness.  I believe that I am called to empower women and enlighten ladies.  Some feel that the two are the same, I believe that a female is a woman by gender but a lady by choice! I choose to empower, encourage, enlighten and equip every woman I come in contact with by actively engaging her in the process of becoming the woman she has been created to be!  I see 3D Women everywhere...Designed-Determined-Destined. Enjoy the process of becoming! 

Your Destiny Awaits You! 

Paula N. Cotton

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J.E.W.E.L. Ministries Inc. was birthed out of a desire to see women tap into their unique purpose in God and make a difference in the earth realm through their authentic identity.  Jewel Ministries Inc. seeks to empower women of all ages to live holistically and enlighten women to God’s view of themselves.